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Maximo customers and users know how time-consuming it is to test a new patch, an upgrade, an implementation or any change in Maximo. It might require dozens, and even hundreds of regression tests to verify and validate the new functionality as well as the existing.

Yodhak Automation Testing Framework for Maximo (YAT-Maximo) solves this problem. The fundamental nature of YAT-Maximo is its simplicity. YAT-Maximo has a good controller that records Maximo user’s actions and will playback. It will empower you to automate test cases and execute them instantly


YAT-Maximo (Yodhak Automation Testing framework for Maximo) is the world’s #1 automation testing tool that runs from a spreadsheet. YAT-Maximo was developed by an expert team with an extensive knowledge and experience with Maximo. YAT-Maximo Automation allows flexible and configurable testing of Maximo applications. It can be used with any browser on any platform and is an operating system independent. We have created pre-defined functions, where users can change the values from spreadsheet and run the automated test cases with NO coding experience.

How does YAT-Maximo will help Maximo customer?


  • YAT-Maximo currently supports all operating systems. Can be installed on any client/server operating system.
  • YAT-Maximo test cases are written using Excel framework. No training required running the automation test cases.
  • Excellent recorder and object spy that works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera (and any modern browser)
  • YAT-Maximo does not use XPaths or CSS selectors. It has its wrappers around the JavaScript DOM which are simple to use and easy to maintain.
  • YAT automatically waits for page loads and Ajax activity. There is no need for adding wait statements in 95% cases. This reduces the code base size by 50% compared to other tools and makes the scripts robust yet easily maintainable.
  • YAT-Maximo takes snapshots upon test suite/test case failure.
  • YAT-Maximo is the only tool in the world which can run scripts in parallel on multiple instances of Internet Explorer.
  • YAT-Maximo automatically builds rich reports without adding any extra code. This keeps the script clutter-free.
  • Email notifications available based on the test case failures/successes.
  • View recorded steps in Controller and edit them in the built.
  • Compare Logs side-by-side.

For more information, please visit YAT-Maximo website


Today, there are many other automation tools available in the market, which does the same job using complex coding and may require changes in Maximo environment properties to support automation testing. However, this approach will impact Maximo upgrade and fix pack installations. When compared YAT-Maximo provides a far better fix for the same issue.

In YAT-Maximo, everything runs from a spreadsheet that eliminates a need for an in-house automation testing team or a tester to support testing activities. Anyone aware of the business logic and with a spreadsheet can run the test cases through YAT-Maximo.


  • Programming Skills Not Required
  • Browser Agnostic & OS Independent
  • Human Readable Test Scripts
  • Click & Go Test Reports
  • Real-time email notifications with test results
  • Script-Free Testing for Non-Programmers
  • Learn and Go functionality for rapidly creating test scripts
  • Reduce testing cost and timescales
  • Powerful integrated reporting capabilities with multiple export formats
  • World Class Tech Support available from Yodhak Maximo test SMEs
  • On-site Expertise for Enterprise Clients
  • Well customizable Reports & Screen Shots
  • Searchable Logs Available
  • Easy to switch the Maximo environment like DEV/QA/PROD


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