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Yodhak Automation Testing for Maximo (YAT-Maximo) is world’s first automation testing for IBM MAXIMO which runs from a spreadsheet. We have created pre-defined functions where users can change the values from an Excel sheet and run the automated test cases with NO coding experience. YAT-Maximo is a software product which helps automate the process of testing web applications. Like all software, web applications also need to be tested before release.

Previously a manual tester would navigate to pages, enter information, click on buttons etc. to validate a functional flow on a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. This could be time-consuming and prone to human error. YAT-Maximo allows recording or scripting this sequence and can play it back fast and capture success/failure information. This allows enterprises to rapidly shorten their development cycles.

YAT-Maximo Features

  • Record on all browsers
  • Playback on all browsers
  • HTML playback reports
  • JUnit-Style playback reports
  • Store reports in Database
  • Suites and batch run
  • Parallel playback (multiple instances of a browser running tests simultaneously)
  • Distribute tests across machines
  • View recorded steps in Controller
  • Script Editor to easily create functions
  • Excel Framework
  • Custom report generation
  • Take Snapshots
  • Side by Side Compare Logs
  • Flex automation
  • Automatically accept SSL certificates
  • Ability to build repository of HTML Elements while recording
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