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Yodhak, product services testing practice is an independent test division entity on its own and has been providing product testing and verification services to various customers. The team provides testing analysis, design, development, and execution services.

Our professional software test engineers have decades of cumulative experience in designing and developing complex application software, test software, and test systems. The team tactically applies our particular software testing techniques and methods at the right time to reduce risk while improving software quality.

At Yodhak Systems, we make the quality of your product our personal responsibility.

We Offer

  • SLA-based, flexible engagement models.
  • Higher quality customized QA and testing solutions.
  • Reduced testing costs and increased operational efficiency with competitive advantages.
  • Quality Metrics so you can manage your risks and be assured that your product is market ready

We can assist with a wide variety of projects:

  • Web Applications Testing
  • Java Applications testing
  • Web Services Applications testing
  • GUI and Applications testing
  • Mobile Applications Testing
  • Protocol Compliance Testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Functional testing
  • Testing web browsers, servers, and other WWW middleware
  • Test Management
  • Test harnesses and frameworks
  • Automated test generation
  • Test Script Writing
  • Customization of Testing Environments
  • Software Interoperability and Conformance testing
  • Regression Testing

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