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Yodhak has extensive experience in the design, architecture and implementation of Maximo, Netcool, TRIRIGA and Endpoint Manager Solutions to meet the needs of clients of varying size and complexity in virtually every industry sector.

We widely recognized as the IBM business partner of choice for the Tivoli Asset management, Storage, WebSphere, Automation, Security and Scheduling space and have worked in the Service Availability, Enterprise asset management, Facility management, and Storage management.

As a specialist Tivoli organization, built on years of field consulting experience, we believe there is no organization better equipped to deliver a high-quality end-to-end Tivoli service.

Yodhak is well equipped to deliver a high quality end-to-end consulting services involving the following technologies:

  • Tivoli IT Asset Managment – IBM Maximo Asset
    Management(EAM, SCCD, IoT)
  • Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM / iTIM)
  • IBM Security Identity Manager (iSIM)
  • Tivoli Access Manager (TAM / iTAM) / IBM Security Access Manager (iSAM)
  • IBM Security Access Manager – iSAM
  • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring / Distributed Monitoring
  • Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS)
  • Tivoli Framework- Tivoli Management Framework
  • Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM)
  • Tivoli NetCool/ Omnibus / Impact / TNPM / Proviso / TNCM
  • Tivoli Omegamon
  • Tivoli Service Level Advisor
  • Tivoli NetView
  • Tivoli Configuration Manager
  • Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)
  • Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse


Yodhak provides a complete suite of IBM Tivoli, WebSphere and Rational software implementation and consulting services offering that will streamline your implementation or get your existing implementation back on track. Yodhak has over 10years of experience implementing, supporting and providing value-added solutions for the IBM Technologies.


Yodhak integration consultants can help you extend the value of IBM Tivoliby connecting it to your other enterprise applications and to your day-to-day operational systems (e.g., timekeeping, project planning and control, etc.).


Every IBM Tivoli customer requires their customized reports. No product on the market today has every report. Almost every user needssomething above and beyond the canned reports. Reporting is a critical component of your business enterprise. Whether you are using a month-end analysis report, adetail costreport or an ad hoc report

Yodhak Report developers will help you for full reporting cycle

  • Configuration
  • Design
  • Development
  • Administration
  • Execution
  • Training

Yodhak will work closely with you to define and build the reports you need for your Tivolisystem. Once developed, those reports can be made accessible to you directly from within your system. If you have a report that you would like developed, send us an e-mail that describes the report. When your request is received, we will ship you a prototype (i.e., sample report) along with a time and cost estimate to fully develop and deliver the report to you.


Custom/On-site – Yodhak performs a detailed analysis of the business requirements and your current deploymentof Tivoli products relative to your business processes and industry requirements. A comprehensive on-site class is created based on your unique IBM Tivoli technology. Cross-training on key processes such as Quality and Data integrity round out the the custom training program

Support-Based – As part of our support agreement, Yodhak will offer on-going skills development and new feature/product training for clients. Training is delivered on a scheduled or as-needed basis both remotely as well as through periodic on-site workshops.

Online – Yodhak can work with your team to create a regular online training program modeled after leading LMS (Learning Management System) best practices. Offered as one-off classes or as part of a global services agreement, we can deliver vital education and skills development anywhere, anytime.

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