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Adding an additional language to Maximo 7.6

What are the steps to add another language to Maximo 7.6? Answer There are two methods to add an additional language: via the new GUI option and then via the non-GUI method Option #1: Additional languages can be enabled via…

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How to import data into Maximo using Excel file

You have two ways to import the flat file with the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF). Using the export/import option on the desired application or using an External System to import the file. I am going to show using the second…

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Lead Not Copying From PM to Work Order On Generation

If your site does not use the Person Group on the work order screen. One site uses a PM that has both the Person Group and lead fields filled in. When you generate the PM, the lead craft field is…

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How to set multiple objects as the sources of crossover fields

Here is an example showing how to achieve this: Eg. You want to create a crossover so that: In the Work Order Tracking application/ Plans tab/ Materials subtab, when you enter an Item number, you can copy the LOCATION column…

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Setting Sections in Maximo to be Collapsed by Default

In Application Designer select the application containing the section you want to default to be collapsed. Highlight the section. Select the Control Properties option from the tool bar. In the properties for the Section there will be a checkbox for Collapsed….

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Configuring Maximo 7.6.x to use Web Service with SOAP12

There are three steps to take : 1) Modify the webservices.xml file located on maximo\applications\maximo\meaweb\webmodule\WEB-INF directory Please see the attached document. 2) Rebuild and redeploy EAR file. 3) Set Global Property webservices xml <webservices xmlns=”“ xmlns:xsi=”“> <webservice-description> <webservice-description-name>jaxws</webservice-description-name> <!–…

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Adding a timezone if it is missing in the Maximo system

First of all, the timezone used in the Maximo should be a valid Java timezone, which follows the TZ database. If there is a timezone missing in Maximo, you need to check that database first to get the valid timezone…

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How to configure a Result Set portlet in Maximo 7.6

The Result Set Portlet functionality has been enhanced from Maximo 7.6. You can now configure a Result Set Portlet with attributes defined In the Report Object Structures (ROS). For example, 1. Go to the Object Structures application. 2. Create an…

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Changing The Length of a Field using the ‘size’ property

Within Maximo 7.5 – the ‘size’ property is within Application Designer for specific fields. The below example, the Index Name within Database Configuration – Indexes tab will be adjusted: 1) Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – Application…

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