Our Mission

To deliver innovative solutions for a better future and to provide excellent service and clear technology solutions for every kind of business.

Our Vision

To seek out competitive advantages for our clients through the innovative use of technology and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity.

Our Commitment

We are a customer-focused company. As we continue to grow, our customers will always be the primary focus of our organization and committed to create best solutions for them.

Our Approach

Our approach offers you the best custom Software Product Development services, helping you achieve greater heights. We have an agile approach that allows us to act just-in-time in our working solutions.

About Yodhak

Yodhak, LLC is a Florida, USA based software development and consulting company.  Our consultants have forty years of unparalleled expertise in delivering a productive and natural solution for novice and veteran clients. We have established an excellent reputation for providing quality enhancements and effective implementations.  Yodhak LLC is a small group of skilled, focused and dedicated consultants collaborating as a coherent and dynamic team.

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Automation testing tool for Maximo

Yodhak Automation Testing Framework(YAT-Maximo). YAT Excel Framework allows testers to write their testcases in Excel and run it from YAT. It is easy to work with ! No coding experience needed


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